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EU Disaster Response Law in an International Context – Summer School


The summer school is organized in five days.

Day 1-2 will contextualize the EU action in the wider context of international disaster response law (IDRL). The participation of academics will introduce students to the main international legal instruments and mechanisms for disaster relief and assistance, focusing on some issues whose importance has emerged in the practice (protection of human rights, safeguard of vulnerable groups and their particular needs, responsibility to protect).

Day 3-5 will specifically focus on the EU disaster response activities, studying in detail both its internal dimension (principles, mechanisms, interaction with national civil protection agencies) and its external dimension (coordination with third States and other international agencies). Specific attention is devoted to the regimes governing the statute of the disaster relief personnel and facilitating international relief consignments.

Presentations from practitioners are scheduled at the end of each day, with the purpose to provide students with practical insights from field activities.

Case studies will give students the chance to exercise on legal issues in disaster response activities, to properly assess the difficulties met by humanitarian organizations in delivering their assistance

A final round table will gather academics and practitioners, to stimulate a debate over the main strengths and shortcomings of the EU and international disaster response action.

All participants are expected to be present for all 5 days, to contribute actively to the discussions, as well as to get acquainted with the materials distributed before their arrival.

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